Sample Poem

The Promise Of Spring

From White… To Black…
To Green… To Gold…
As The Seasons Change,
New Colors Unfold.

The Winter Snow Melts
Deep Into The Earth…
To Make Way For Spring,
And A New Rebirth.

The Silence Of Winter
Will Soon Disappear…
And The Heavens Will Weep
With Spring’s Joyful Tears.

Bright Teardrops Of Rain
Will Come Showering Down…
To Wash Our Tired World
And Refresh The Ground.

The Birds Will Return
From Their Winter Retreats
And Fill The Spring Air
With Songs Soft And Sweet.

The Trees Will Soon Bud…
The Soft Grass Will Grow…
Spring Flowers Will Bloom…
And Warm Breezes Will Blow.

The Woodland Creatures
Will Be Raising Their Young…
There’s A New Song On The Wind
That Will Soon Be Sung.